Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is the FOAR SCORE Club?

The FOAR SCORE Club is a not-for profit organization that was formed in 1948 by the race fans for the betterment of auto racing. The club tries to help the sport of auto racing in any way possible. The club is the oldest fan club in the United States.


2.) What does the name FOAR SCORE stand for?

Our club is unique in that the first letter of each of the following words from our name: Friends of Auto Racing Seeking the Cooperation of Racing Enthusiasts.

3.) Who joins FOAR SCORE Club?

People like you. Our membership is made up of various race drivers, fans and their families.  Anyone in the betterment of auto racing.

4.) How many members belong to FOAR SCORE Club?

Over 500 and growing all the time.


5.) Besides raising money for the drivers point funds, what else does FOAR SCORE do?

The FOAR SCORE donates thousands of dollars each year to anyone in the racing community that is sick or in need.

6.) How much does it cost to be a member?

The cost to be apart of Americas oldest fan club is just $15.00/per year single and  $20.00 /per year couple.


7.) What will I get for my membership?

You will receive a monthly newsletter, a FOAR SCORE patch, sticker and membership card, which entitles you to be a part of numerous functions.




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